Elevators & Platform Lifts

Most homeowners rely on stairs to get from one floor to another.

Elevators and lifts provide a more elegant and accessible solution. These systems are highly complex and technical, and must be installed by a trained and licensed technician. There are a wide variety of elevators and lifts to accommodate a variety of needs and budgets.


Elevators have been used in office buildings and apartments for decades. Now we are ringing that comfort and convenience to the home. Elevators are perfect for those requiring a walker or cane. You will never have to worry about your loved one falling down the stairs again.

Platform Lifts

Stairs present an impossible barrier to most wheelchair users.  Ramps require a significant amount of space to be used effectively, and are not always a viable solution.  A platform lift can be installed in tight spaces, providing a simple and convenient way to get from one floor to another.

Which Solution is Best For You?

Chair Lifts

  • Relatively Inexpensive
  • Simple One Day Install
  • Limited Capacity
  • One rider Only
  • Rail Driven

Vertical Lifts

  • Carries a Rider With A Wheelchair
  • No Machine Room
  • Indoor Or Outdoor
  • Typically Multi-Day Install
  • Hydraulic Drive in Tower


  • High Capacity for Multiple Riders
  • Matches Home Decor and Style
  • Longer Install With Shaft Construction
  • Requires Dedicated Machine Room
  • More Expensive Than Other Lifts

Maintenance & Repiar

All Brands Serviced

Solutions for Independent Living is here to support all of your accessibility and mobility needs. We provide repair services for any accessibility equipment, whoever it originally came from.

Preventative Maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Make sure you're never without key equipment when you need it. Solutions for Independent Living offers affordable scheduled maintenance plans to stop problems before they start.

Professional & Experienced

Solutions for Independent Living maintains the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. In fact, many of our product partners refer their customers to us when they require service. This is because our technicians have developed a reputation of being knowledgeable, reliable and honest.

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