We want your loved ones to have what they need, now.

Often, disabilities are an unexpected surprise.  After a major illness, accident or procedure you or your loved ones may find that what once was a comfortable and inviting home is now a challenging obstacle course.  When that happens, you have to make changes right away.  Solutions for Independent Living has several ways of budgeting for what you need, allowing you to get your loved ones what they need today.

Payment Plans

We work with a wide variety of lenders that will structure a payment plan tailored to your budget.  Solutions for Independent Living will work with the lender of your choice.  Reach out to us today to start the process!

Gift of Love

Solutions for Independent Living is proud to present our "Gift of Love" gift certificate.  Family and friends are able to contribute to your loved one's, 100% completely bonded and insured account.  This account is then reserved for meeting the needs of your disabled loved one.  Contact us for more details or to set up an account today!

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