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Care Beds

Solutions for Independent Living delivers breakthrough innovations in comfort and style for beds, furnishings and accessories. Smart design and high-quality construction make our beds and furnishings durable and safe.


Walkers can be used for a temporary or long-term boost to mobility. They come in many styles, from traditional standard walkers to heavy-duty models with wheels and brakes. We also provide canes and crutches for those with limited mobility.

Power Door Opener

The Power Door Opener increases accessibility of doorways with just the touch of a button. Whether you need a door mount or a jamb mount, this device automatically opens and closes doors in seconds and is installed without changes to your door.

Toilet Lift

The Toilet Lift offers both dignified and independent bathroom use. It combines the functionality of a heavy duty commode and a lift chair into one solution. The Toilet Lift is equipped with a push button control for easy operation.

Lift Chairs

Rising from a seated to a standing position can be very difficult for older adults. Lift chairs use a motorized lift to raise the user into a standing position. These chairs are usually very stylish and comfortable, and often can't be distinguished from a typical recliner without close inspection.

Respiratory Aid Devices

Our respiratory products are winning industry awards for breakthrough designs that improve quality of life for both patients and providers. Offerings include oxygen, aerosol, sleep therapy, nebulizers and asthma management products.

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