Ramp Systems

The first step to staying independent at home is getting in and out.

Ramp systems are one of the simplest and least costly ways to improve access.  Ramps require minimal changes to existing structures and do not require any power.  They can provide access for those with wheelchairs, crutches, canes or walkers.  Ramps are usually installed in much less time than other solutions, being therefore a great remedy when timing becomes an issue.   

Portable Ramps

Quick, easy and inexpensive, portable ramps can be set up when needed and taken down the rest of the time. These ramps are a fantastic choice for disabled visitors, allowing you to make your home accessible for them without permanent modification.

Installed Ramps

For situations where a ramp will be used long term, a semi permanent ramp is best. These systems are professionally designed to fit your needs, space and budget. These ramps can later be removed with no damage to the existing structure.

Ramp Sizing and incline Chart

Use the Incline Chart to help determine the proper ramp length.

Important: Consult your equipment owner's guide for proper degree of incline; never exceed the recommendations.

How to Use This Chart

  • Determine incline your chair or scooter is designed to climb
  • Measure the distance from the top step or landing to the ground (rise)
  • Refer to the Incline Chart to find the proper ramp length
  • At any incline, use ramp only with a qualified helper
  • Note: 1 inch rise per 12 inch ramp length = 4.8° (ADA)

Ramp FAQs

What ramp length is best for me?

Solutions for Independent Living recommends 1:12 (1 foot of ramp for every 1 inch of rise). Portable ramps should be used at a degree of incline not to exceed what is recommended by the mobility device.

Why does a ramp need to be longer for a higher rise?

Solutions for Independent Living recommends 1:12 for safety considerations. When that is not possible, regulations allow for reasonable accommodation, meaning a slightly shorter ramp can be used. We want all ramps to be safe for you and a caregiver to use.

Does my mod system have to go straight out or can it turn?

You can configure it to turn with a turning platform, turn back with a turn back platform, angle with a 45 degree turn platform, or go straight. You can customize to meet your needs.

Do you have steps that I can put in instead of the ramp?

Yes, we do have steps available that you can use with the ramp and in conjunction with a platform.

What lengths do ramps come in?

Our portable ramps range from 2-10'. Modular ramps and commercial systems can be configured to any length needed.

What do you need from me to ge a quote?

The best way to get a quote is to contact us for your free C-EASY evaluation. A Solutions for Independent Living Certified Expert will review your needs, space, and budget to design the best system for you.

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