Transfer Sling & Harness Lifts

Lone caregivers face many challenges

Simply getting your loved one from their bed to the bathroom, living room or garage can be physically taxing or impossible. Transfer systems with slings and harnesses can facilitate this process. These systems support the weight of the disabled person, and may use a system of ceiling-mounted rails to move that individual around the home.

Sling Lift Options

Portable Ceiling Lifts

Portable ceiling lifts are designed to be easily transported from room-to-room or another lifts track, while offering a great flexibility during operation. Our portable ceiling lifts can be easily connected and disconnected by the caregiver from a variety of different types of ceiling track systems.  For further convenience, the lift’s motor unit acts as a motor and carry bar, allowing the sling to suspend for easy and compact transporting!

Fixed Ceiling Lifts

The advantages of fixed lift systems include higher lift capacity, proven longevity and an easy-to use battery charger and carry bar. A fixed ceiling lift encompasses a powerful motor unit, which resides in the track system, and functions as a permanent transfer and lifting solution. 

Free Standing Lift Systems

Free Stand Systems support a more effective transfer system than the traditional mobile lift. Because our free standing lift systems do not require installation or mounting with the ceiling, they are ideal for rental situations or when ceiling lift and permanent tack installations are not possible or difficult. Free standing lift systems can often provide a more cost-effective solution for temporary and permanent applications.

Sit-to-Stand Lift Aids

Sit to stand lift aids are for use in moving patients, residents or loved ones a short distance, perhaps to a commode or wheelchair.  Being that sit to stand transfers are an active process, requiring an input of energy from the patient and the caregiver, they are designed for individuals that are weight bearing on at least one leg.

New: Pool Lift

Having access to your pool provides the ability to participate in family fun, enjoy hydro therapy and a source of safe, stress-free exercise. This pool lift is for residential and commercial use, ADA compliant and easy to operate.

The H350 Pool Lift

Meets and exceeds ADA specifications. Curvilinear tube with base installs directly onto pool deck with four bolts. Durable powder-coated frames create a smooth layer of color for a long-lasting and beautiful finish that resists peeling, chipping, and fading. Attractive and comfortable seating is designed by one of America's leading patio furniture design companies.  Available in beige or custom color options.


  • 350 lb. capacity
  • Meets and exceeds ADA specifications
  • Surface, bolt mounting
  • Ambidextrous seating
  • Secure concrete anchor mounting with sliding tube for removal and storage
  • Fully submersible seating
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Folding arms and foot plate
  • Comfortable seating
  • Sealed hand control
  • Wall-mounted charger with hanger
  • Removable, easy-access battery
  • Professional Installation by Solutions for Independent Living certified tech

Slings & Harnesses

Don't Forget The Sling

Of course, a sling lift cannot be used without a sling.  Solutions for Independent Living carries a wide variety of different slings for various needs.  There are slings for sitting, laying, and standing positions.  Some slings are meant to be used for independent transfer, while others are caregiver assisted.  Other slings can help users with limited mobility walk on their own.  Smaller slings can be used to elevate the arms or legs.  There are even disposable slings that are simply replaced when soiled.

Not sure what sling is best for you or your loved ones?  Contact Solutions for Independent Living and let us assist you in your decision.  Our Certified Experts can help analyze your needs, home, and budget and design a solution to accommodate.

Available Slings/Harnesses

  • Universal Slings
  • Hammock Slings
  • Hygiene Slings
  • Reclining Slings
  • Positioning Slings
  • Stand-Aid Slings
  • Walking/Standing Support Harness
  • Band Slings
  • Disposable Slings

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