Wheelchair Lifts for Cars, Trucks, and Vans

Wheelchairs and scooters can only help when you have them

Vehicle Lifts provide a means to transport your chair with you.  Lifts can be configured for almost any combination of chair and vehicle imaginable.  We install every lift we sell, so you can be sure everything is done right the first time.  We'll help match the right lift for your vehicle, chair, lifestyle and budget, so you can rest comfortably knowing that everything will work together.

Types of Vehicle Lifts

Exterior Lifts

Exterior Lifts are mounted on the outside of the vehicle, and the scooter/chair remains outside during transport. These lifts feature platform landings for easy roll-on, roll-off accessibility while leaving all of your passenger and cargo space available.

Interior Lifts

Also known as hoist lifts, these lifts mount inside of the vehicle and use a hook system to raise the chair/scooter.  The chair is stored inside the vehicle, making these lifts a good all-weather solution.  They can be mounted in the rear for SUVs and crossovers, or on the side for vans.

Hybrid Lifts

Hybrid Lifts combine the best features of interior and exterior lifts at once. Featuring a roll-on platform like exterior lifts, they are mounted internally and offer the same all-weather benefits as an interior lift.

Truck LIfts

These hoist type lifts are mounted in a truck bed, which can then be used for storing the chair/scooter as well. Being mounted in the bed gives these lifts the ability to bring a chair right to the vehicle's door, making it ideal for individuals who will be driving without a caregiver.

Micro Lifts

Micro Lifts are smaller, lighter lifts designed to be used on sedans. While limited in weight capacity, they can be mounted on smaller vehicles than other lift types, making them a viable option for a variety of users.

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